At Kalamazoo College, I have taught courses on The Ethics and Politics of Humanitarianism, Immigration and Exile, Anthropology of Human Rights, Border Epistemologies, and introduction to anthropology and sociology. As an instructor, I strive to create a collaborative environment, and design my courses by thinking how to equip my students with the ability to converse fluently and clearly about issues that have become the focus of political tension and scholarly interest. 

Throughout my teaching, I have worked with students of diverse backgrounds, including speakers of other languages, individuals with disabilities, and international students, during weekly office hours to help them explain and express themselves in clear terms, and apply social scientific concepts to their own work and experiences.

I can offer introductory courses on anthropological and sociological theory, anthropology of identity and belonging, anthropology of the Middle East, as well as more targeted topics on forced displacement, humanitarianism, and citizenship and statelessness.

A sample of classes I can teach include:

Placemaking in Displacement

Localizing Governance of Migration

Humanity and its Discontent: Race, Humanitarianism and Human Rights